Sex, Love, And Psych
Sex, Love, And Psych

Episode · 1 year ago

Sex, Love, and Psych Introduction


Just a quick introduction to me and my vision for this podcast! I really look forward to combining my education, experiences in therapy, and life experience to open up some real important conversations. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Hello and welcome to my little intro episode for sex, love and psyche. This is a project I've thought a lot about for the last months, maybe two months, and have been super nervous and super excited to get started. I just wanted to do a little introduction episode, I guess you would call it, to just teach anyone who I am, what I'm about, what my goals are and what my goals are for this podcast. So first I want to cover who, a little background of WHO I am for those of you who might not be super close or just not super caught up on my life. My name is carly. I'm twenty six years old. I'M A third year student studying my major is psychology, with a double minor in gender studies and sociology. The reasons I've taken me these kind of steps is that...

I'm working towards being a therapist, speaker educator in the specific realms of relationships and sex. I've found them to be incredibly interesting to me personally and I feel like that the world could use a lot of help in these areas. I guess not saying that I have the power or the knowledge to teach the entire world, but I figured I would start with this podcast as a way to educate the people on just some basic stuff and maybe start some conversations. So this podcast are going to cover things like communication and boundaries and relationships, different kinks, safe practices, just opening up the conversation for some topics of people might not want to start the conversation about but want to learn more about,... stds, stis, different practices that and just overall sexual health helps us in a relationship. Maybe some things that people just don't know how to approach with their partner in conversation. I'm going to try and cover some of that and I also want to dip into some self love and some self talk and that kind of mental health work as well, because that is important to me and I feel like when you work on yourself then you kind of open yourself up to working on a relationship and work on sex and just living a more holistically healthy life. Things I do in my life that I have found to be super helpful and some topics that I might be talking about our pole dancing, self talk, like just correcting myself, Talk Boudoir, which I...

...will eventually have the wonderful Miss Patricia's Stables on to talk about that as well. I'm very excited. All we'll talk about my little single lady journey that I've been on for lost three years, some struggles I've had with depression, anxiety maybe, and some trauma that I went through, and a lot of these topics might be considered eighteen plus or uncomfortable conversations, but I really want to create a space where education and conversation can come to a meeting and just we can all be really open understanding, maybe learn some things and maybe just start taking little steps to have a more positive and open approach to ourselves and the other people in our lives. My why is that things aren't spoken about enough the and more openness and more conversation can lead to education, it can lead to one understanding and empathy and in topics like sex and relationships, it...

...can also lead to safer practices. If we take away the gray areas and blurred lines of things like consent and bedsm practices and shut said the shed some light on those, then I think that it just opens up the community to a lot more people who might be curious about it and it just opens it up to more safe practices there's a lot of people out there who think bedsm is not being able to say no and all of that, but that's not the case. But we'll get into that on future episodes. So I would like to thank everyone for tuning into this little first recording. It's going to be super short. Just wanted to get myself and my background information and just kind of my purpose out there too. Before I jump into any topics, I'd like to thank everyone for tuning in. I'm very excited about this project.

I'm still very nervous, I'm sure you can hear it in my voice, but I will work really hard on this. I'm hoping to do weekly episodes starting to be released in January. So if you are hearing this, I means I released it. So happy New Year and thanks again for tuning in.

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