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Episode 5: Exploring Boudoir with Patricia Stables


An interview about the journey of boudoir photography with Patricia Stables Photography. Learn what boudoir photography is, a little of Patricia's background and how to book your very own shoot!

Welcome to episode five of sex, love and psych today we have the Wonderful Patricia Stables on to talk about boudoir photography. Okay, Patricia, welcome, I'm so excited. Okay, so I guess we should just jump in with questions then, if you're ready, I sure is. Question number one, how long have you been doing photography for? I've been doing photography so junior high, which was like two thousand and seven to two thousand and nine, I would take pictures of my best friend. You take pictures of me. facebook had just become a thing. Mood, edit them on pick monkey and post them on facebook. But I got more serious into it when I switched from one school to another and I was in grade eleven and one of the great twelve girls asked me if I would shoter graduation. So I accepted that, and then after that I got asked by everyone in the town to do their family pictures, engagements, everything, and then that's what kind of kick started actual photography career. Hey, awesome. And what made you curve toward Boudoir? Honestly, I don't even know what even got me into it. Like at first I wanted to do fashion photography. Because once I went to the city just like being there, everyone kind of shot fashion and I don't know why, but just like I felt like I needed to fit in, I just moved to the city like everyone else was doing fashion. So I felt like I need to go to like value village and like by ugly vinto his dresses and like shoot them by a tree. And I don't even know what really started the actual boudoir route, but I think it was honestly just a client asking me if I would do a boudoir session because she wanted to gift it to her boyfriend, and I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know how to do the poses or anything like that, but I just remember remember the feeling after sending her those Boudwar pictures. She was so happy, she was so confident, she was so just excited to see...

...them, and then that feeling of how happy she wasn't excited she was. I don't know why I would just like got me hooked. And then after that I was like I need to host a boudoir marathon, like a day where we just shoot like a ton of people all boudoir and then after that, so hooked, I honestly think that you were in that boudoir marathon actually, which I don't even know. What is that? Two Thousand and thirteen, something like the twnny four team. Yeah, so it was just kind of a fluke, honestly, how it happened. But now I'm hooked. I love it. Okay, so it's started with someone who wanted to give it a gift as a gift. But what benefits are there to boudoir outside of giving her as a sexy gift? Oh my gosh, I don't even start just everything. There's so many things, so many bullet points to even hit. The confidence that it gives people, just like being pampered, like your hair makeup, getting the shoot done, and like seeing them through someone else's eyes so I can show them like how we view them, just put a whole different perspective on how they see themselves. Like they might think like Oh, I'm fat, or like, Oh, I hate my hair, or like my I wish I'd blue eyes or anything like that. It's like showing them the pictures after just so rewarding. It's the confidence, everything about it, like they're just blowing after it's so excited. I love it, love it. Um. So what would you say to someone who's hesitant to try boudoir? So I know there's a lot of bunch out there if you don't have a friend to yell at you to make you do it. Honestly, you just have to trust the process. You need to trust the photographer that you're working with, because they're going to guide you through the whole experience. You shouldn't have to stress about anything. You shouldn't have to stress about the hair and makeup, the posing, the outfit, everything. It should be all taken care of for you so you can just come, be present and just like do the shoot. Would you say Boudoir is just for women...

...or women in relationship? No, not all. Oh my God, single anything, guys like dude war is a total thing. Everyone should do it. Just like boost everyone's confidence. I don't care who you are. Doing the boudoir shoot will change your life, absolutely. I agree. I've done for it this one. Yeah, and like, honestly, more. I think more guys need to consider it, to be honest. Maybe I would love to, hint, hint, add more to my portfolio. Yeah, so, Dude prison. So if someone, as you mentioned, some insecurities, so if someone has in securities, like some Celiid or maybe some extra body hair something, or is it or they break out the day of the shoot, like what do you do about that? So obviously everyone knows photoshop. Everyone knows that's the thing. I if you have a pimple pop up, and obviously I would not even want that in a photos shoot. Like no one wants that. That's super easy to fix. It's not a big deal to just like Zap that away. It's gone. cellulate can actually just be like it can look like it's not. They're just from good lighting. Doesn't even have to be edited at all. But like good lighting can make it look like there's no cellulate over the other point. So you kind of mentioned just like that and stuff. Yeah, posing or just like super important. But like you honestly just have to love yourself in the present moment. So even if you just keep putting it off because you're like, oh, I want to be skinnier for the photo shoot, like you shouldn't have to think like that. You should just think like, okay, this is going to benefit me and ways of like confidence in different things, that I should just do it how I am presently and then sure, like if you want to live a healthier lifestyle and like get fit, then you could always do like another one later, but that shouldn't be something that holds you back from doing a shoot. Fair love it. So what kind of advice or expectations... you have for first timers like coming into a Boudoor shoe? Um, honestly, yeah, again, if you have just like good friends or like a support team to just kind of like give you words of encouragement and stuff like that. As a photographer, like I make sure that my clients know what they're getting into, how to prepare, to not be nervous, like they are going to be well taken care of. If someone's easy to get along with, like, it just makes a whole experience so much easier. Yeah, okay, so budor shoot is definitely an investment. Do you have options for people who don't have like a large money at the time, amount of money at once? Yeah, absolutely. So there's just like a deposit to book your session and then that would cover like your hair makeup in the studio and like the preshoot consultation where we plan like your whole photo shooting. Like whoa our goal is for the end result. Other than that, like I do offer like payment plans, so that can be done be like credit card or like email transfer, cash, whatever is most like easiest for you. So I can be broken up depending on the length of time that like until your shoot isn'tel so there's lots of options in that regardesome. What has been your favorite theme that you've shot? That's hard because they're also fun. I don't know, like the space shoe is so iconic and I love it. That's so different and like it was the first kind of thing to be like that and I'm inten but I don't know. The cabin shoot, it also has my heart just because, again, that too super unique and it's just like cozy and warm and just everything about it is so much fun. That's really, really hard. Every theme has its favor for a reason. So I don't want to pick like taking your children. Yeah, learn have childres but like, if I don't want to pick. Well, kind of... have you got from clients? A lot of good stuff, not any bad. No matter to do. Honestly. Yeah, it changed a lot of people's lives. Like it's been very beneficial. Like confidence is skyrocketed, like even for myself doing shoots, like I've become a better person, become it because of it. I become a more confident person because of it. But feedback for people with like eating disorder, saying that like they felt like they needed to kind of like restrict themselves from eating because they felt like they weren't enough, and like people just overall feeling better. Like everything about the shoest is just been beneficial to the lives. Like I don't even know how where to start with all of the compliments that I've gotten from it. But yeah, to say the least, like their confidence is different. Their friends notice, their friends call me and say, like hey, so and so did a shoot with you and like her confidence it. She's a different person, like I need to book in for shoot just based solely. I'm even seen your work, but like just based out. So I know this person. I've known them forever, and doing she just absolutely change their life. So it's addicting. And then everyone, it is, wants that feeling. Everyone wants that feeling to feel confident, to feel sexy. Do you have any upcoming marathons or big projects that you're excited about? Yes, I'm super excited maybe maybe you guys will be the first to know. Yeah, I've I'm trying to think of a lot of fun themes for this year. So give you some of the ones that are a little more concrete. So I'm going to be doing kind of a like pink, purple, e Barbie like s kind of like theme, which will be really, really fun. That's probably going to be in the spring. And then one that I can't really disclose yet, but that's other one that's for sure concrete is the summer cabin edition. So get your swim suits ready. We're gonna be like canoeing and...

...the little lake, chopping wood in the sunshine. And then also, I'm going to be offering a tape marathon, so the body suit look maternity. Yeah, and the pool shoo. I didn't Cologna. Yeah, so that's going to be a thing also. So those are three concrete themes that are coming and then they'll be a couple other ones that are a little more stay tuned. But yeah, I'm super excited. That's so exciting I'm to start staving. Yeah, I'm pumped. That's so exciting. What would you say? Are Some like big differences? So you've experienced from your like first food or marathon back in two thousand and fourteen or whatever that was, to now. Honestly, I didn't know what I was doing then, like and I just still had like so much to learn about just like the process. But I think I did pretty good. Oh yeah, like good, great fun. Yeah, from I have the worst memory, but from what I remember I did it pretty good and we did book. I did book a lot of people, from what I remember. But I think just like working with someone as like a hair makeup artist that we like really click like that just like pulls it together as a team, and then like Harper doing video like that just pulls it together. It's like the whole package. People are coming and they're getting the whole experience, the whole lovesury experience, in like one day. So everything's just a lot easier. Yeah, just everything about the whole process. I've just learned so much since then that it's like crazy different, but like still similar. But even just like editing and shooting and experimenting with more lighting, like not just being a natural light photographer when I firsted the first foodoor marathon. That's definitely changed all things a lot. Forgot we didn't have lighting money, I think. Well, I think they had like those lights that are just like a constant light. Yeah, but there was a lot of natural light in the building. Yeah, and I did struggle just as like a new photographer, like all photographers do when they first started.

They struggle with shooting with flash and shooting with lighting because they're just used to shooting with naturally that's the easiest to shoot with. What kind of advice would you have for someone starting mood our photography? On the photographer's side? Um, I would just make sure that, like you're making your clients feel like super comfortable, making sure that the whole experience for them is like easy and fun and like they enjoy it. To make sure you like plan like enough time for like hair and makeup and like the actual shoot itself. Find like a good location, find a makeup artist and like a hair person that you work and Collab with really well. That makes everything easier. And then, yeah, just like know you're worth, know your time, like know what to charge and know what to deliver to like know that you're also going to deal with probably some terrible clients to because you're not charging a lot at the time so then that just leaves more room for people to just like get upset, like you'll just get those more shitty customers. So that's inevitable. Yeah, I'm just like know your camera, like it seems so intimidating when you first get into it, but then youtube is your best friend. Classes are your best friend, like knowing if you been learned lighting and learn their settings of your camera not shooting automatic at the started, like you're going to go so much farther. I would say all of those would be like pretty useful. I B I could camera gear. Don't cheap out. So you obviously are on the photographer side, but you've also been on the model side, Miss Bare Babes, Miss February. So turn those calendard earth. What has been your model experience? What has that part done for you? Oh my gosh, yeah, totally changed my life, like I honestly you know.

I yeah, I obviously kind of started doing photography with doing some model because again, like I said, to start I was taking pictures to my best friend. She's taking pictures of me and, like, I did enjoy it a lot. And then fast forward to God, I don't even know twenty, I guess it would have been after Grad so like two thousand and twousand and thirteen. Then there was a contest for like a modeling contest on photographers putting on and it was like she did a photo shoot with you, and whoever I like the most likes of got to go on like some trip, which I even think happened. But I got second place. I got second place. I loved the experience, I loved getting my picture taken. I love seeing the pictures after and just being like wow, I look so good. So it's just very rewarding. And then after that just getting into like the more boudoir side of things, just like it really resignated with me to like loving myself and finding myself, and I honestly think I wouldn't have found myself the way I did with photography, not just on the photography standpoint and like an empowering others, but like empowering myself by getting my picture taken by multiple photographers and just going out of my comfort zone definitely impacted me a lot, like it was such a good thing. Yeah, okay, so not only are you photographer model, but you've also just started up brand because of yesterday, as of yesterday. Oh my gosh. So, so what is that tell us about that? Okay, so I've just always loved fashion. It's just always empowered me. Again, I love to just like feel confident when like what I'm wearing. I love to turn heads, I love to just have like statement pieces and yeah, I've just always been asked like where do I shop, like where do I get my my clothes, like where do I get these rhyme stone outfits and stuff? And I was like, you know what, not only am I getting asked on a personal level where I shop and like where I find these like clothes that are just like out of the ordinary, but like my clients are asking me like at the time booking their shoots, so like hey, where's the best place to shoppers should I go? Can you recommend places? Like where you getting your stuff?...

Like asking all these questions and I'm like wow, I'm really missing out on like helping others find clothing and find lingerie and find different pieces that aren't just like cookie cutter and boring but like can empower someone to feel superior sexy. So I wanted to launch something that's super sexy, is super confident, statement pieces that are going to turn heads. It's not boring, it's not ugly, like I want it to be like photographable. I want people to be able to wear it, like not only in the rear shoe, but also like pair of the que skirt and like jeans, like the bar is still sexy. So again, I just want to power, not even just women, like it's going to be more than that. It's going to be uni sex it at that point for like everyone to be able to buy something and like wear it and just feel like a goddess caughtest Butt. Exactly. Awesome. And what's the website? So it's too third TNEY. So the number two and then the word thirds and then honey. So to third tennycom. And you just had your soft launch. Can Grab? Yeah, we did a Valentine's DASTAFF launch just to kind of get everyone get the ball rolling, get our name out there and just give everyone something cute for Valentine's Day, whether it's for themselves or someone's buying it for them. So the actual full launch is going to be more close to like this spring, so probably April, May and not really sure yet, but it's going to be the catch my drip collection which is going to be like very rhinestones and like very blinky. So I'm super excited for the actual full launch because again, like I said, I'm a girl that wears rhinestones a lot. My Buddy and Rhinestone, so this collection is really going to be like very myself. So I'm very excited for that to share with everybody. I'm excited to to buy it. So spartly. Okay. So yeah, two, third, sunny website. What are your other social media to things so they can find your photography? Yeah, places. So my photography page is Patricia Stables photography on...

...facebook and stuff like that, and then instagram is pitcher stables, fo talk, and then my personal one is Dick Trisha, so teage I, Sectr I CIA and then to thirds honey, number two, word thirds honey for the lingerie clothing one. I just wanted to come on and thank everyone for tuning in to this week's episode and just listening to our little interview today. Thank you to Patricia for being my very first guest on sex, love and psych and as well as for being my personal photographer, which I wish you were. I wish I could afford my personal photographer, but I will just add that the four shoots that I have done Boud War wise with Patricia have just done amazing things for my confidence how I see myself, and really what she said about seeing yourself through other people's eyes will really just transform how you look at your own body. Owed highly, highly recommend Patricia Stables and it's always a great fun time and super comfortable and she makes it just so easy to kind of get out of your comfort zone and do what you want to do but you're a little scared to do so. Again, thank you, guys, for tuning in and I will see you next week.

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