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Episode 38 · 4 months ago

Episode 37: Sex Organs and Orgasms


Biological backgrounf of how sex organs become differentiated in the embryonic stages and comparing how male and female organs are formed differently. Moving on to discuss the clitoris and vaginal canal, different types of orgasms, and different types of stimulation.

Hello and welcome to this week's episode of Sex, love and psych thank you so much for tuning in. This is episode thirty seven. We're going to get into sex, organs and ORGASMS. If you hear weird flapping sun in the background, it's just the wind outside. Yeah, whatever. This week. I did want to start out with kind of a little disclaimer that throughout this episode I do try and use gender neutral language when I can, but in the beginning I am talking about biology and embryonic so I'm more referencing male and female in regards to sex and not gender, as there are sex differences and we acknowledge that sex and gender are different things. So I did just want to get that out of the way first. Some of the language is fairly binary and I acknowledge that gender it's not. So let's get into development of sex organs, similarities and differences, some functions and how to use this information to everyone's advantage. So in the embryonic phase we all start out the same, in an indifferent stage. The slats about the first five to six weeks that we are in Utero. It's impossible to tell at this stage which genitalia will begin to form until it's influenced by different hormones less like testosterone and estrogen, and they start beginning to interact with that embryo and that's where the sex differences in general Atalia come through. So, to kind of give some examples of this, test he's and ovaries come from the same base. So that little bit of tissue, when reacted with testosterone, will become tests and when it's interacting with estrogen and those types of hormones, they become ovaries. So similar things just form slightly differently. So we can compare tests and overies here, the genital to tubercle. I'm not a biologist, I might get...

...some of these pronunciation wrong. Is what forms the clitterus and the Phallus. So that means that the penis and the clitteris actually come from the same kind of bit of tissue in that embryonic phase that in different stage. When reacted with different hormones, the ureas rule folds and general swellings so like that seemed down the scurotum will become like the scrotum, but that seem in a genetically female individual doesn't fuse, but it separates to become the Labia major and laby a manorum respectively. So back to the clit and fallast comparison. So the clip is made up of the same or reptile tissue as the penis. It fills up with blood it and rges and becomes erecked, but not in the same way that we see it as a penis and not as obviously, most of the clit. A lot of people don't know this, but most of the clip is not surface level visible. The clip, what we call the clit often is the little actually the tip of the clip, and it comes branches down into two kind of bulbs that are found underneath the surface. So the clip is actually a lot bigger than a lot of people think, as we only see that little tiny like being bit at the surface. But so we'll keep that in mind. Those bulbs becoming gorge they fill with blood and become erecked, just like a penis does, but different size obviously. So declitteris is the only organ on the body that is there purely for pleasure. It's not there for appropriation, it's not there for any other function. It is there for pleasure and all too often it's being completely ignored or absolutely manhandled.

So it again kind of in that clit to penis comparison. One website I did find compared the clit having about eightzero nerve endings, more in like the tip. A lot of it is in the type of the clip versus the whole penis having four thousand. So we need to keep that in mind here. We've kind of to give a non sexual imagery to this and how we kind of handle the clip. Stay with me here, because you might get a little confused for a bit, but I'll bring it back, I promise. So we've all seen a like xbox or game controller, like a playstation control controller with the little gray thumbstick right. If you've held a controller, you've probably done the thing where you purse. They're done really hard, but let us so as you can, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, and it's kind of just fun to do that. I have even seen videos of people, let's be honest, usually men, doing this to kind of try to prove how skilled they are in the bedroom. But I kind of want to challenge that concept. So imagine doing that little like push down and wiggle back and forth as fast as you possibly can to that xbox controller imagine doing that, not on the shaft of your penis with that amount of pressure and frostity and speed. Not on the shaft, because that's a different thing. Let's imagine doing that on the head, like the very top of your penis. Really fast, no Lub it's really fast and hard. So I'm imagining that that image may have caused a little shutter or a cringe or a wins in pain. So let's keep that energy for the kid clip, please, especially if this is in like the initial four play stage, if you just kind of make it out and you're bringing that...

...hand down and you're on that clit keeps that image of the fast and furious and hard pressure on the tip of your Dick when you're touching the click. Don't do it. There's Eightzero norm endings right there. They don't need to be slammed on. Slow, steady gentle even if you got a little fast a lot more gentle. Some people have even some people say that like the amount of pressure you put on the clip shouldn't be more than you can put with your tongue. That amount of pressure should not be exceeded with your finger, which is kind of a good guideline to start with, but I do know some people with some aggressive tongues. So let's just imagine that xbox controller some sticks an area beyond the stage of initial for play. People with clicks and Bagranas are going to have a lot of different preferences. So communication and like check INS and listening to body language are absolutely necessary. In regards to body language, if your partner is pulling away or shifting kind of a way from where your finger is, it may mean that you're going a little bit too hard and or you're doing in the wrong spot that just doesn't feel pleasurable. If they're pulling away from you, it's probably not because well it in very occasional situations it's because it's like maybe feels too good, but in a lot of scenarios it's that it's just too much stimulation or it's too hard or it's in the spot and just does not feel good. So let's pay attention to that body language. If something feels really good, you're not going to be pulling away from it, you're going to be wanting to pull towards it and get it closer to you or get it more or you're going to stay exactly still. So that that amount, exact amount of pressure is still being applied to that exact spot. So going beyond the Clit, that click compared to the tip of the Dick, not the shaft of the Dick, because...

...kind of in in my imaginings of this episode and in my prep, I thought a lot about how men imporn or men in my circle that are spoken to. Masturbation on the shaft is pretty hard. There's quite a bit of pressure, it's hard and fast and I think that sometimes men translate that hard and fast pressure on the shaft to how much they pressure they should be putting on a on their partners clip or even on their laby out or just their vagina in general. So let's let's kind of try to cut that comparson away. The shaft is not the clit. The tip is the CLIT, but it's made something up of the simmertel tissue, so it's going to act in similar ways. So if all of those nerved things are in the Clit, how many are in the vagina itself, in that vaginal canal, not to be confused with the Volvo, which is the entire lump of Anani and the Lady of the clit everything. That's the job the Volva, the vagina, is the canal itself. So how many nerve endings are in that canal? I couldn't find a specific number given like I did for the eight thousand in the clip, but I did find some information on how most of the nerve endings that are in the actual vagina are in the first third of the canal. That is closest to the entrance. So most of the nerve endings are there. And then also a lot of the stimulation that you receive, as in like the Gespotton stuff, is actually coming from those clatoral bulbs that can wrap around that are coming from the Vulva. It's not actually the vaginal canal itself. So why is this? It's because if the entire vaginal canal had just as many nerve endings as the even the entrance of the vagina or as the Clit, childbirth would be absolutely excruciatingly painful, even more sublimit already is.

So from a reproductive biological standpoint, it makes sense that the last two thirds of the vaginal canal don't have as many nerve endings as the front, because the more nerve endings, the more susceptible to pain that area is. It's also worth noting that the vagina does kind of tint and expand and lengthen on the inside when it is aroused, so it kind of even spurts it out even a little bit more. This means that a large majority of people with vaginas can't orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. There's some different stats that I've seen that go around, but generally, as is noted in the principal principles of pleasure on Netflix, which I would highly recommend, about a quarter to a third of people's vaginas are orgasming from vaginal stimulation alone. A lot of the people who do it's also more of like a dual orgasm, where it's coming from clit stimulation as well as vaginal stimulation. This kind of this concept of the clit having way more nerve endings than the vagina is also a large factor in what contributes to the orgasm gap, as we discussed a few episodes back in episode twenty one, where no one else, no other demographic, will orgasm as much as a straight man and every other demographic will or get them more often than I straight woman. It's this different in nerve endings come in the clitterist to the stimulation or the vaginal stimulation and the amount of focus...

...we can put on each. So what is an orgasm? Principles of pleasure, as I mentioned on Netflix, highly recommend says that physiologically and Orgasm is eight to ten contractions in the pelvis that start in under one second intervals and then that that slowly becomes more latent until it is over. There's plenty of different types of Orgasms, as I've mentioned. There's platoral orgasms, there s vaginal their stool orgasms, there's anal orgasms. A lot of different orgasms come from different types of stimulation of different areas. Some people can orgasm off nipple stimulation. There's a lot of even non physical contact in practices like Tantra. That it have to look more into, as I'm not as knowledgeable about those. But there's a lot of different types of orgasms. But we have been so socialized in our lack of sex education, in our gender just like differences and kind of like this Patriarchal Society that is based a lot in Christian values at its core. We have been socialized to believe that the male orgasm is the completion of sex and that women are just more complicated, we're harder to get off the clit is this elusive, mystical being that nobody can locate, which is batchrick crazy. By the way, it's there, it's in essentially the same spot. Might look a little different on different people, but it's it's there. It's not impossible to find. It's just up at the top. But unfortunately our sex education has failed us in this regard and this whole concept of women are so hard to get off. Women just don't orgasm as...

...much as men. It kind of is rooted in the fact of our focus on penis in vagina sex. The penis goes in the vagina, the man or Gasm's. Women might orgasm maybe sometimes, and that's just the way it is. But and also like the penis and vagina sex, when the more man Orgasms, is what leads to procreation. So that's been our focus, our biological evolutionary focus, our Christian value or religious vote based focus is procreation and that is more focused on the penis in vagina sex where the man orgasms and it's done and in kind of this convoluted sense, thank that caveman brain or the idea that comes from, like Victorian England, went back in the roots of colonization when Queen Victoria was trying to damp and everybody's sex lives and feed the blend food so that women's sex drives go down. Women's pleasure has, four hundreds and hundreds of years and many different cultures, been seen as dirty, unnecessary, even evil in some concepts. It's just absolutely wild. It's been demonized. Women's pleasure has been demonized and just seemed unnecessary. But we aren't engagement times anymore. This is not Victorian England, this is two thousand and twenty two. We've got this wealth of information on the Internet, but we have also got this wealth of disinformation and shame in our society still. So that's kind of why I'm doing this anyway. This is why, this is where my passion lies. But just a little kind of to bring... all back. We all start with the same in different phase of sexual organs. It's just how hormones react with those tissues and those organs that forms whether we have testes or ovaries or whether we have a clit or a penis. And that clit is so so valuable in pleasuring woman. That's what it is. Therefore, it's Eightzero nerve endings. So, keeping that in mind, let's not man handle it like an xbox thumb stick. Imagine that's the tip of your Dick. You don't want that aggressive energy when there's no lube and it's right off the bat. Let's say you don't even have a boner. You do not want someone just like slamming into the tip of your penis. That's not going to be a good time. So let's keep that energy for the clip. To the men interested in getting themselves off and having a great sex life with their partner or even with a casual partner. You do know that in most cases, if you get her off, she'll enjoy it more. She'll probably do more things for you. You'll enjoy it more. It'll be great for both of you. Why are you so focused on just getting you off? Also, if you're with a person and not with us sex toy, you should care about both people getting off or at least enjoying themselves. Orgasm is not the end, I'll be all of sex, but you should at least care that your partner's having a good time. So listen to her body language, listen to her actual language, care about her pleasure. For a lot of heterosexual men who claim to love women like women be so sexually attracted to women. A lot of you sure do treat women like...

...nothing more than a sex doll who is there to please you and who doesn't have a clit or that it's so hard to find. So, just as a closing message to those people who are having sex with women or people who are having sex with with people who have clits and Vaginas, please find the Clit, be nice to it and we'll just all have a better time. That's Today's episode. Have a great week. I will talk to you next time by.

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